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 GA Match: SAW

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PostSubject: GA Match: SAW   Sat Jun 30, 2007 10:04 am

Agony: 368
SAW: 284

Map: Lennon


In General:
SAW have some talented players, so once again we put some work mainly into strats for this familiar 1.3 map. From the outset, SAW's unconventional lineup of 2 assault 2 support and no sniper caused us some trouble due to our rigged strat of 2-2-2.

During the first half we amended the strat to curb the run spamming ways and thus handing the onus to Minkz and Kustom. Minkz and Kustom brought the place down dropping large numbers with the bar and thoroughly controlling mid and the flanks.

Second half we controlled from the outset. Our use of the sniper made it very difficult for SAW to push us back once we had advanced. With light's 4 down at allied first, allowed Kustom to rush in through the debri to capture the final winning cap.

Good game to all.

MOTM: Kustom & Minkz
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GA Match: SAW
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