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 Ga Match: SdM

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Ga Match: SdM Empty
PostSubject: Ga Match: SdM   Ga Match: SdM Icon_minitimeSun Aug 19, 2007 4:18 pm

Agony: 246
SdM: 4

Map: Thunder_b3

light- (heavy)
bronx (heavy)
nail (rifle)
rade (rifle)
minkz (assault)
russell (sniper)

In General:

First half we controlled from the outset. We had no trouble in capturing the tank and never lost it for the half. Nail out rifled anyone from SdM and rade snatch the cap out of the season dropping 5 and then capping their 2nd and 1st.

Second half was alot slower with SdM camping their first and second for the entire half. The Mg at their first slowed us up and thusly made it difficult to cap. Russ managed our only cap of the half while everyone dropped great numbers.

First Half: Rade and Light
Second Half: Russell

Also wd to bronx on his first Ga Match with us. Surely after a few more matches and he gels with our playing style he will fit in just nicely. Vent from now on (my cap is now off).
Screen Shots:
Ga Match: SdM Comming soon

Ga Match: SdM Comming soon
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Ga Match: SdM
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